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Death Cab For Cutie Icons

ooh, what a way to cut lengthwise...

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Welcome to bend_2squares, a community solely for icons and other graphics of the bands Death Cab For Cutie (and The Postal Service).

Why "Bend to Squares"?
Simply because icons are shaped like squares. And besides, the song is awesome.

What you can find here:
+ icons (including lyric icons)
+ headers
+ banners
+ wallpapers

and general graphics featuring the bands of Death Cab For Cutie or The Postal Service, and their respective members

What you won't find here:
+ general discussion about the band/s
+ song meanings and/or lyrics
+ pictures taken at shows
+ information about upcoming tours

All of this can be shared at the other many communities out there, such as _deathcab and deathcutie

+ Your post should contain only three teasers, and if you are posting more than three icons then they must either go under an lj-cut or provide a link to another journal

+ Similarly this goes for posting of headers and graphics bigger than 100x100 pixels

+ Comment and credit wherever possible - this is common courtesy =)

+ Please do not hotlink other people's icons. Save to your own PC and upload them to your own Photobucket account

+ And be nice! This is meant to be a friendly community to share icons of our favourite band/s!

Other info:
+ This community was created by hazy_crazy because she could not find a Death Cab community that allowed people to share icons of the band. This made her VERY sad, so she decided to just create one herself.

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide
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